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Departmental Budgeting Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet provides a template for planning the expenses and forecasting the revenues of a company (for 5 departments) over a 12 months period.

Capital Budgeting Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet aims to assist investors or managers in estimating cash flow to accurately calculate the Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return.

Company Financial Plan Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet provides a complete three (or five) year company financial plan including the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow plan.

InvestmentCode Financial Models

This is a comprehensive suite of investment calculators and financial modeling templates for Excel.

TraderCode Technical Indicators

This is a comprehensive library of all commonly used financial technical indicators and technical analysis functions for Excel. The software
also supports Strategy Backtesting.

Neural Networks Trading

This is an advance Neural Networks financial predictor and forecaster add-In for Excel.

Project Management / Shift Scheduling

  • Free Shift Scheduling spreadsheet - This spreadsheet creates a monthly calendar for assignment of shifts to employees.
  • Professional Employee Shift Scheduler spreadsheet - This spreadsheet can be used to assign employees to 6 different shifts over a six months period. Employees can be assigned to work in a constant fixed shift or be rotated among the different shifts.
  • Free Gantt Chart - This is a spreadsheet that generates a professional Gantt Chart schedule.
  • Free Critical Path Method (CPM) spreadsheet - This spreadsheet can be used to perform Critical Path Method/Analysis on projects.

Excel Training

Free Finance Templates

Free Business Templates

  • Free Excel Invoice Template - a collection of free templates and a professional spreadsheet designed to ease the printing of invoices for small business owners.
  • Free Excel Employee Timesheet Template - This is a collection of employee timesheet templates designed to ease tracking of employee’s working hours for small business owners.
  • Free Excel Calendar Template - This is a collection of free and reusable Excel Calendar templates designed to ease printing of desktop calendars for small business owners.

Finance Spreadsheet Models App in Apple Store

Free Financial Accounting Templates

  • Free Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS Depreciation) spreadsheet - The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) is a system of accelerated asset depreciation required by the United States income tax code. This spreadsheet includes all the commonly used MACRS tables from the U.S IRS.
  • Free Balance Sheet spreadsheet - In financial accounting, a balance sheet summarizes an organization's financial position at a specific point in time.
  • Free Income Statement spreadsheet - The Income Statement is sometimes also known as the Profit and Loss Statement (P&L). This statement illustrates how net income is derived from revenue and expenses.
  • Free Cash Flow spreadsheet - The Cash Flow Statement is used to illustrate the movement of cash into and out of a company for a specified period of time. Cash Flow can be further categorized into Operational cash flows, Investment cash flows and Financing cash flows.

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What is SpreadsheetML ?

SpreadsheetML is a new format used by Microsoft® Excel® 2007 to represent a spreadsheet with an XML-based file and covers almost every spreadsheet customization like formulas, data, and formatting. This format is part of the OpenXML specification, which also includes formats for wordprocessing and presentation.

The Spreadsheet Markup Language defines a format with a well defined structure. A workbook contains a collection of one or more worksheets. A worksheet is represented as a grid of cells. It can contain text, numbers, dates, formulas, or a single chart. The individual cells within a worksheet can be formatted and the sheet data can include values or a formula.

The standard is so comprehensive it goes as far as defining calculation chain, pivot tables, query tables, external connection, styles, themes and revisions, making it easy to work with existing Excel documents that already contain these features.

Currently, Excel files that are saved in the SpreadsheetML format carry the extensions xlsx and xlsm (macro enabled). These files are based on the open packaging convention, which means they can be unzipped into a tree structure with folders and subfolders containing the resources of the document (like images and vector files), relationships and xml files describing the formatting and the actual data.

Why is SpreadsheetML Important ?

SpreadsheetML is part of the OpenXML format that is ratified by ECMA as a standard.

Current binary formats have the disadvantage of not being easily processed by third party applications. SpreadsheetML files do not have this problem because the underlying files are text based XML files. An organization with knowledge of Spreadsheet Markup Language can process a file directly to extract, process or modify the data in the file without going through an an office software. The wide availability of XML parsers also help simplify the job of SpreadsheetML processing. Being a text file, the data will not be lost when the original application that creates them are no longer supported. Also, being XML files, the format can be extended in the future or customized for special needs with the addition of new tags.

With so many enterprises using Excel as their main spreadsheet software currently, it makes sense to adopt SpreadsheetML as the new spreadsheeet format as it naturally expresses the existing functionalities of Excel, while offering the added benefits of preservation, interoperability, and extensibilty.

If you are interested in more infomation on the SpreadsheetML format, please visit our Articles page, which contains several links to this format and its specifications.

This site also hosts an open source Add-In for Excel project, known as TinyGraphs, that generate sparklines or tiny graphs as small as a cell and presents an elegant way for visualizing massive amount of data such as stock and exchange rate movements.