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Our Add-in products come with a 1 year maintenance upgrades and priority support.

You will get a Registration Key that will remove the restriction of creating sparklines of up to only 20 values for each row of data.

ConnectCode SparkCode Professional - Software License

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ConnectCodeSparkCode Professional
Add-in for Excel

Single User License


ConnectCode SparkCode Professional
Add-in for Excel

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SparkCode Professional Registration

Add-in for generating sparklines in Excel.

After you have obtained the Registration key by clicking the BUY button above and making payment, you can enter the key into the Trial version to remove the restriction of creating sparklines for a data series of up to only 20 values.

To do so, click on the Register button located at the bottom left corner of main dialog.

A Registration dialog will popup.

Enter the registration key that is given to you when you purchase Duplicate Remover and click OK. Please make sure there are no spaces before or after the registration key.

If the registration is successful, you will recieve a message thanking you for the registration.