SparkCode - Testimonials

SparkCode Pro is the most useful invention to powerful illustrate reports after numbers itself.

Thomas Kobert - degato.SYSTEMS

SparkCode professional allows me to quickly asborb my company's trends and performance issues almost instantaneously.

Andy Burton - Management Discovery Ltd

Overall very good and reflect the concept put forth by Tufte. A valuable addition to office - saves time without sacrificing information.

Beni Djohan - Plasmedia

Great program for the price.

Barbara Davis - City Of Dallas

This has allowed me to provide invaluable data to my clients in the form of conextual numbers and graphs.

Denise Z. - ForeSeeResults

It can help me to teach more well.

Yang Tarng Yao - Southern Taiwan University

Sparklines are meaningless without contextualizing Max/Min or First/Last numbers, and SparkCode makes it easy to format those numbers alongside the graph, so that I can just paste the output in an email or anywhere, without doing additional formatting. Bravo!

Alec Tallman - Digitas

Excellent idea. Simple & effective.

Rich Sulin

As a researcher I found that SparkCodePro is quite useful because it allowed me to present lots of data and results in my written reports in a very organized and spacially economical way. This program is easy to use, fun and I would recomend it highly.

Beatriz AlRai - Sky Institute

You produced a happy little thing that is just obviously right. There are no shortage of data nowadays but it takes a lot of mental cycles to fish out important ones. So, every way that summarizes information visually helps. It also takes something that you ones figured to be important and converts it into one easily recognizable marker. In essence it "encapsulates" one piece of meaning that is present in the data and frees you from re-doing discovery-validation every time you look at it.

Alexey Panchekha (PHD)

I adore it, it would like to show it to other people

Mike Machaj - RPSA

Very helpful to user.

Daniel c geronimo - jcfour marketing

I like it because it is light, easy to use and impresive (this all relate to my experience with the add-in)

Roberto Vidal - OCSL

I like prepare dashboard for business, Sparkcode is a good choice.

William Vales - Empresas Polar

I like using SparkCode Professional, because it's so easy to use and my reports are more powerful when using sparklines.

Carsten Pepmoeller