Get real time rates in a stream every x Seconds

The ForexTechnicalAnalysis-RealTimeRates-Periodic.xls spreadsheet periodically calls the API Server at a frequency specified by the field as shown below.
  • Frequency of Rates in Seconds*
If a number 15 is specified for the above field, the API server will be called to retrieve rates data every 15 seconds.

The output of the data is placed in the Rates worksheet as shown in the diagram below. The data is in the format Date, Time, Bid, Ask. All the different currencies downloaded and placed alongside each other as shown in the diagram. For example, after the EUR/USD currency pair, the GBP/AUD currency pair rates are placed in a similar Date, Time, Bid, Ask format.

Internally the spreadsheet uses a timer to periodically call the API server. The GetRatesDataSet web service is called for this purpose. It is important to click on the Stop button to stop the timer when rates are no longer required at the specified frequency.

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