Get real time rates in a stream every time there is a new rate from the rates server

The ForexTechnicalAnalysis-RealTimeRates-Stream.xls downloads a stream of rates from the Rates Server. Instead of pulling the rates periodically, this spreadsheet will only be updated when a new rate is being pushed from the Rates Server. When the Maximum no. of Rates specified is reached, no further rates will be received from the server.

The currency rates pushed out by the server does not include time information. With a stream of data arriving at the spreadsheet, it can quickly become difficult to make reference to a particular rate. The spreadsheet overcomes the problem by calling the GetTime web service every time a new rate is pushed out to the spreadsheet. This allows the user to easily create charts and graphs of the rates received in relation with the time it was received. However it is possible that the time and the rates are not synchronized to the exact seconds as the GetTime web service is only called after the rate has arrived on the spreadsheet.

Parameter Fields
  • Currency Pair*
  • Maximum no. of Rates*
This spreadsheet only works for a single currency pair as specified in the first field above. The second field indicates maximum number of rates to receive before stopping rates from the server

The data output in the Rates worksheet is shown in the diagram below.

The StartSummary worksheet also contains useful information like High, Low, previous Close and number of decimal points for the currency pair. It is important to note that this information is refreshed only when the Start button is clicked and is only accurate at that point in time.

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