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Latest version of TraderCode(v5.6) includes new Technical Analysis indicators, Point-and-Figure Charting and Strategy Backtesting.

Latest version of NeuralCode(v1.3) for
Neural Networks Trading.

ConnectCode Barcode Font Pack - enables barcodes in office applications and includes an add-in for Excel that supports mass generation of barcodes.

InvestmentCode, a comprehensive suite of
Financial calculators and models for Excel is now available.

Launch of
Free Investment and Financial Calculator for Excel.

Release of
SparkCode Professional - add-in for creating Dashboards in Excel with sparklines

ConnectCode Duplicate Remover - a powerful add-in for finding and removing duplicates entries in Excel

Launch of
TinyGraphs - open source add-in for creating sparklines and tiny charts in Excel.

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The Registered version entitles you to the following :

  • 1 Year Maintenance Upgrade
  • Priority Support
  • Pro. versions of the finance templates and calculators
  • Spreadsheet/VBA Source Code
  • Allows removal of copyright messages in the templates

InvestmentCode - InvestmentCode License

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InvestmentCode Standard (Financial Calculator Edition)

Single User License


InvestmentCode Professional (Complete Suite)

Limited Time Offer :
Enjoy 30% off the listed price for the Professional Edition and get a free copy of SparkCode now.

Single User License


List of Spreadsheets

  • Accounting
    • Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System tables
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow
  • Assets Correlation
    • Correlation Matrix
  • Bonds Valuation
    • Yield to Maturity
    • Price Valuation
    • Duration
    • Convexity
  • Capital Budgeting
    • Project Investment
    • Before and After Project Comparisons
    • Base Case, Worst Case and Best Case
  • Corporate Financial Planning (Professional Edition only)
    • Pro Forma Statements
    • Common Size Statements
    • Financial Forecasting
    • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Company Financial Plan (Professional Edition only)
    • 3 Years
    • 5 Years
    • Valuation
  • Cost of Capital
    • Cost of Equity
    • Cost of Debt
    • Weighted Average Cost of Capital
  • Departmental Budgeting (Professional Edition only)
    • Budget
    • Actual
    • Variance
    • Allocate Overhead Expenses
  • Equities
    • Gordon's Dividend Growth Model
    • Free Cash Flow to Firm
    • Free Cash Flow to Equity
    • Enterprise Terminal Value
  • Funds Management
    • Sharpe Ratio
    • Treynor Performance Index
    • Jensen Alpha
  • Inflation
    • Consumer Price Index
    • Monthly Inflation
    • Yearly Inflation
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • International Fisher Effect
    • Purchasing Power Parity
    • Interest Rate Parity
  • Loan Amortization
    • Annual/Semi-Annual Payments
    • Quarterly Payments
    • Bi-Monthly Payments
    • Monthly Payments
    • Weekly Payments
  • Net Advantage To Leasing
    • Lease or Buy
  • Net Present Value
  • Options Valuation
    • Put Call Parity
    • Binomial Option Pricing
    • Black Scholes
  • Portfolio
    • Portfolio Risk and Beta
    • Risk Reward Trade Off Line
    • Efficient Frontier
    • Tangency Portfolio
    • Portfolio Optimization
    • (Professional Edition only)
  • Returns and Yield
    • Money Weighted Rate of Return
    • Time Weighted Rate of Return
    • Holding Period Return
    • Bank Discount Yield
  • Stock Beta
  • Unlevered Beta
  • Stock Quotes
    • Download stock quotes from Yahoo Finance
  • Time Value of Money
    • Present Value
    • Future Value
    • Money Market Yield


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